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The internet has revolutionised the way we purchase art. With the development of eCommerce platforms and the reduced costs of global trade, it now relatively easy to sell art all around the world.

My art experienced a resurgence in 2016, driven by two main drivers. Firstly, I moved to the Noosa region of Australia and developed a style of painting that resonated with the beautiful environment around me. Secondly, the development of online art platforms allowed me to display my work to collectors around the world. 

One of my first international sales was to a collector in New York. This lady had a very sophisticated apartment and wanted two works that aligned with the architecture and interior design of the home. She chose one work, hung it and then messaged me a few months later requesting a commission for a second. She explained that she was hoping to purchase from a local artist but couldn’t find a work that aligned with my original one. My career as an international artist had begun.

Since then, I have sold artworks to Texas, Seattle, Washington, Chicago and many other places in America. Collectors have purchased my work for homes and offices in Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, and a surprisingly large number of works have gone to Germany. I have completed large scale commissions for a number of projects including the Eco City in Kuala Lumpur, the Innovation Centre in Chicago, the Crown Hotel in Barangaroo and a Cruise Ship in Denmark.  

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