Dinah Wakefield

The Light Within

Dinah inherited her love of painting from her artist father, Larry Wakefield. Originally from the UK, Dinah began painting seriously when she moved to Australia and in 1998 had her first exhibition at the Beattie Gallery in Sydney. Since then, Dinah has been able to develop an international following and her paintings are included in collections in New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong and throughout Australia.

In 2016, Dinah moved from Sydney to the Noosa region of Australia and set up a studio. She was particularly inspired by the beauty of the coastline and her palette, composition and use of organic texture developed into the style you see today.

She is known for the tremendous sense of movement and energy that she captures in her paintings and the beautiful ambience her work creates.

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“What I love most about the Noosa region is the interplay of light. From the ocean to the clouds and out to the hinterland, this canvas unfolds before me every day and finds expression in my paintings”

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Desert Ambience

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