Noosa Open Studios 2023

Since returning from Europe, I have been focused on creating an exhibition for the 2023 Noosa Open Studios on October 6-15. NOS is an annual exhibition in the Noosa region, whereby collectors have the opportunity to visit art studios in the area and talk directly to the artist. 

The Noosa Open Studios is a great concept for artists. Over the course of two weekends, collectors can visit any number of studios in the area and chat with the artist. I generally put a lot of effort into creating a vibrant exhibition of work, showcasing the styles that I am working with at this time. The paintings are displayed around the house to showcase how they can complement contemporary interior design.

I always recommend that people bring photographs of their ‘blank wall’ so that we can discuss the right colours and composition for their décor. There are no ‘right’ decisions in choosing an artwork and I often recommend that collectors go with the scientifically unproven ‘gut feel’, but at other times it can help to discuss the options.

It is always a rewarding experience to meet people with an appreciation of art. It doesn’t matter if someone is a committed buyer or just there to enjoy the artworks, or even those simply curious to see how the artists of the area live. My husband and I enjoy this chance to turn our home into a gallery and share the artwork that is a big part of our lives.

If you would like to find out more about the Noosa Open Studios 2023 exhibition, please send me an email or check out the website:

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