Luminous Sands

Luminous Sands

During 2022, my art has moved into warmer tones inspired by sandy beaches and desert landscapes. This began with my Palermo series over the summer and has reached interesting new heights with my latest commission, Luminous Sands.

As (some) of you will be aware, the football World Cup will be held in Qatar in Nov/Dec 2022. This event which is second only to theOlympics in scale and prestige has of course triggered enormous development in the host state, both structurally and in time, let’s hope there will be significant social developments as well.

 An event of this scale creates opportunities for many professions, including artists, and I was very excited to be invited to paint the largest commission of my career for a new hotel in Doha. The commission involved a triptych of paintings, each 112x192 cm in dimension.

The inspiration for the project comes from my love of desert landscapes in Australia and other areas of the world. There is something captivating about the profound silence of a desert and the tapestry of warm colours the landscape emits. I called the triptych Luminous Sands, but it just as easily could be called the Spirit of the Desert, as that is what the artwork communicates tome.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

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