Every artist has their own source of inspiration and for me it is all about the landscape. The place where I live is incredibly beautiful, with beaches and river estuaries surrounded by forests and ancient volcanos. It is a backdrop that deserves to be celebrated on canvas.

As an artist, I allow myself to connect to the environment and express it onto canvas. This is not a deliberate act. I don’t start with the intention of painting the ocean or the sand. I start with a blank canvas and an empty mind, and I allow the colours and the composition to flow through me.

This way of painting was not something that I consciously developed. I really began my journey as an artist in my father’s studio many, many years ago. Like all children, art for me was about play. It was about exploring the way different colours interacted together and how those interactions made me feel.

For some reason, that sense of play has never really left me. My husband always jokes that I cook the same way as I paint. I start with a blank kitchen bench top and end up with a dish without a name and a mess that he thankfully cleans up. My studio is where I go to be fully myself. I drop into that now moment that we all experience and find myself connected to the environment around me. Hopefully the connection I feel in that moment is shared with those that purchase my paintings.

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