Barangaroo Commission

One of the challenges of being an artist is that you don’t often get to see your artwork in its final location. I often receive photos from collectors (which I really appreciate) but I don’t often get to see the work in person. With my Barangaroo commission I decided to seek it out.

In 2022 I travelled back to Sydney for the Biennale and spent a day wandering through the Cutaway and Stargazer lawn at Barangaroo. Barangaroo is a fabulous place to showcase art. The headland is dramatic in itself with the green hills contrasted against the deep blue of Sydney Harbour and the ochre-coloured sandstone rocks that line its foreshore.

The exhibition was interesting and thought provoking as expected. My friends and I were immersed in the experience for a number of hours before we headed off towards King St Wharf for lunch. That was when I realised I would be walking past the Crown Towers which houses one of my commissions.

I knew the artwork was in the foyer of the residents’ entrance (which was surprisingly hard to find) but after a few phone calls I stumbled upon it. A large, dramatic, Dinah Wakefield painting that set the tone for the foyer. I had a look, took a few photos and had an awkward chat with the receptionist, who apparently loved the work. Hopefully the tenants do as well.

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